Stockings and Tights

Silky stockings are not just for luxury females and vamps. Beautiful stockings cover legs seductively long, and you can even really feel like a woman. Stockings is everything stays nicely in place, and the fumbling with straps eliminates one. BeFlame has very distinctive specimens on offer that are paper thin and have ornaments on the financial statements. The stockings to wear and not remain a secret under strict sensual, long skirtsor wide swinging dresses.
BeFlame in its Bodique black panty – in stockings program. The ribbon model of Stay – up, with the self-adhesive edge on the inside, is practically as sexy. These stockings sit Simply tie and one not. The upper edge is decorated with lace, which the Stay – up is aclassy touch. A pleasing feature is that it is the delicate stockings available in all sizes.

The Christmas Collection by BeFlame Lingerie has it all!

Since one has to Christmas time wonderfully sexy sparkling rhinestone suspenders from S to XL in the offer. Times a very different gift under the Christmas tree. This rhinestone suspenders are just exciting, elegant and wicked in a noble manner. With the silky Stay-up stockings by BeFlame Lingerie is a sensual set of it.

Christmas Lingerie gift