BeFlame Lingerie Clearance Sale

Autumn collections now flows already in the shops. And tonight I seen a flyer about the new collection


of BeFlame Lingerie in the mail was returned, it seemed the right time to get some to share with you.

To fame BeFlame displays a collection marked by a simple refinement in terms of performance. A new feature for this fall is the introduction of lingerie in the form of the figure shows how special relief: shapewear. In terms of color we find in the autumn collection of BeFlame outside a very striking red and turquoise mostly subdued, softer colors back. A set is strongly on the design.

My eyes fell first on the entire set of straight lines that dominate. The combination of rigid transparent material with the female provides a thrilling close to provocative effect. The use of clean, sophisticated lines is inherent in the collections of BeFlame Lingerie and of course this element was also reflected in the set of Provocative. The set also gives a real feeling fifties and therefore fits perfectly into the current retro trend.

BeFlame Lingerie Sale