G Strings

Sure, strings are tight and sexy. But this variant of Romantic Lingerie more than that, the strings are sweet and are made ​​of a fabric touch.The colorful print of floral prints to psychedelic touch graces the precious silk. Stripes are a nice trip in the direction of new lines. So, why not leave the pajamas and be true to the romantic fantasies?


In contrast to classical strings that add an exciting trained body contour, the Romantic Lingerie strings seduce less offensive. Ruffles make the dream of small strings lingerie, the graceful figures are especially good. Cute the packaging – in jam jar cavort 3 tiny panties that her owner will amaze you. The colorful silk strings are therefore also a pretty exclusive gift idea for your best friend.


Strings and Panties

Sexy panties , and accessory for sensual games with more than de-veiling. The imagination knows no boundaries. Bold shapes and sections are combined with affectionate, playful and transparent materials. Delicate lace and exquisite details give each slip a touch of luxury. Transparency, of course, plays a major role. Here we are working with flowers, rhinestones, chains and belts. It’s basically like a game of hide – Erotic Pur.