Flowers in your wardrobe…

Flowers, flowers and again flowers…

This spring you will not be traveling to flower shop to get some flowers, you will have to make trip to clothing shops instead! Floral prints never left fashion industry alone, but this season it is strong and must have!

Designers such as “Prada” and “Bottega Veneta” having flower details on their new collections, but here are lots of other retailers too who will not be late to have flowers in their range.

At BeFlame you can find choice of beautiful floral print body stockings.


Black Floral Bodystocking


Floral Bodystocking

Bodysuits and Bodystockings

Actually, I always wear underwear only normal. So bra and thong or panty. On a body I hadnot intended more, but I came by last Saturday while shopping at a trendy BeFlame lingerie store,where I found some fantastic top bodysuits.

Then of course I have taken three different models and was completely thrilled. Bieder is different and even more unattractive to many in bodysuits, dedicated to the practical purpose of underwear thinking, I must say that I look at my new lace bodysuits but extremely sexy.

I particularly like the combination of string and beautifully fitted bodice. Of this I canimmediately bought two pieces and wear them as often as I do. Because those things are actually seeing is not only good but also provide unusual comfort. Almost as if I had nothingunder it, and despite the wonderfully fine point.

Especially this great tip bodysuits come naturally in a seductive red Try it out once!