Swimwear for your figure

Tips to choose your perfect bikini this season!

We all looking for a bikini that would emphasize the advantages of our figure, but also it’s very important that we feel comfortable and stylish too. Let’s start from scratch: which style swimsuit will fit your figure best?

  • Petite type

Choose two piece swimsuit, go for strapless bra top & narrow bottoms. Look for bright colours & smaller patterns, as large prints would make your figure look even smaller. To make your swimwear more elegant, choose decorated withe metal elements.


“White Ring Bikini” at Romantic Lingerie

  • Curve figure

To hide your tummy – choose one piece swimsuit. Better to look for darker colours and avoid shiny fabrics. To create grace look, go for V shaped neckline.


“Pink Plunge Monokini” at BeFlame

  • Large bust

For big boobs choose swimwear with wider straps. You can choose dark colour bikini top and combine it with brighter bikini bottoms, so your breasts will look more harmonious. Look for dark patterns swimsuits, vertical drawing will be perfect too. Try to avoid transverse patterns and bright colours. Your bust would look reduced with deed neckline too.


“Knitted Stripe Bikini Set” at Romantic Lingerie

  • Small bust

Ruffles fabric shreds or fringes on your bikini top will make your chest look bigger. Go for white, light and bright colours, intense patterns and horizontal stripes. Look for padded or strapless bras.


Ruffle Pink Bikini Set at BeFlame

  • Short waist

Two piece swimsuit will make your waist look longer. It is also important to lift your bust, to do that will help you padded bras. Choose shorts type bikini bottoms as they will define and will make your torso look longer. If your are looking for a one piece swimsuit, that avoid horizontal printings on waist area.


“Purple Bikini Set” at BeFlame

  • Short legs

To make your legs look longer, go for swimsuit which has deeper cutouts at the hips. Choose bra tops with deep V shaped necklines and swimwear with printed vertical pictures. Avoid shorts type bikini bottoms and sport type swimwear.


Black Teddy Bikini at Romantic Lingerie

  • Athletic figure

Look for asymmetrical swimwear such as one shoulder swimsuit. You can bravely wear sport type swimwear, especially two – tone or with grid – they are very fashionable at the moment. Avoid shorts type bikini bottoms as they would emphasize the narrow hips. Look for bikinis withe tie stripes, the are more feminine. Flower patterns, tropical motives with cutouts will make you look very stylish.


“Sexy Dots Bikini Set” at BeFlame

Have a nice hot summer in your best bikini!