Advice for pear shaped women’s figure

How to recognize if you have a pear type figure:

  • The lower part of the body looks more massive.
  • Shoulders are narrower than hips.
  • Clearly visible waist.
  • Wearing a larger size trousers and skirts than tops and blouses.

Tips how to narrow hips for pear shaped figure:

  • Your tops and jackets has to end above or below your widest part of the body.
  • Make more attention to upper part of your body-wear patterned tops and blouses. Great choice would be ones with horizontal lines, they will make your shoulders look wider and in same time your hips will look narrower.
  • Get blouse, sweater or jacket in bright colour, they are also very fashionable this season!
  • Harmonize figure by wearing jackets and other clothes with constructive shoulders or with sewn in shoulders.
  • Layer your clothes – this will draw attention to your upper body part.
  • Perfect choice would be top with boat or V-shape necklines, also naked shoulders or strapless blouse.
  • Look for tops with 3/4 sleeves or longer – up to the wrist.
  • Blouse with high collar will help you too.
  • Wear belt.
  • Look for skirt which has widen look from the waist up to your knees or just below them.
  • Go for the classic style trousers. They make your legs look narrower and longer.
  • Look for dark coloured denim trousers.
  • Wear heels, they make your legs look longer and your hips narrower.


  • Skirted trousers.
  • Belts at the hips.
  • Lowered waist lines.
  • Vertical lines on your suits.
  • Trousers with pockets, patterned with horizontal lines or other very bright patterns.
  • Capri style or ankle length trousers.
  • Handbags, hanging at the hips.
  • Mini skirts.
  • Clothes, which makes your shoulders look narrower.



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