About this year’s autumn-winter range of Romantic Lingerie heard a lot and loudly in the country and abroad . Differs from previous proposals it is not only abundant (we can speak of a collection of real and not just a few exciting new products), but some technical details, which, I believe, can bring cheer to many of us.
Perhaps you remember my review model Cornflower with last winter. I was totally delighted with it, but I remember a variation in connection with the match. Bowl for smaller breasts slightly lagged, so I promised myself that next time I’ll try a different size, if only out of curiosity, if not even better arranged. The opportunity came this winter – Romantic Lingerie introduced another model for the CH-cut and style similar to Chabra. Courtesy of Eve benefited from opportunities to try on a few neighboring sizes, but on reflection I have chosen … the same size as before. And this time proved to be an ideal choice for both halves of my breasts. How is that possible? Probably some of you have already guessed.Details below.
Purple not dazzled me as before Cornflower. It is from him much more modest – certainly lover will appreciate it more elegance than amateur brave disguise. These features Chabra, which retained the Purple’u, namely: cut the cups, the specific form of straps, neckline, satin trimmings and ornaments in the form of shiny buttons, but give it a unique character and stand out against other decorative half-cup D-either the positiveon the market.
Despite a somewhat disappointing to me, this mesh on beetroot background … Active from afar can be associated with older models in the style Eggplant plunge’a who celebrated triumphs in the last, but not attracted to me at all because of their, um, austerity – the usual foam combined contrast stitching looks to me more on the “skeleton bra “than the refined model. Fortunately Purple is not a “naked” – it covers the transparent gauze, adorned with satin ribbon stitching. We have wandered far away from the eggplants and other BeFlame Lingerie, which enjoys. But I would prefer instead of the grid again with printed satin or jacquard pattern, or a crown. Minimalistki as it should be fully satisfied.
But I liked Purple’a for this dark, gloomy indeed, retrowy character. And for what you done with my breasts.

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